An interesting thing happened one day


Sometime during November 2000 I found out that it was entirely possible, and routinely successful to Grind your own Telescope mirrors!  Having always wanted a scope, but refusing to lay out the kind of cash required for a commercial purchase, I was to say the least incredibly excited at the prospect of building my own scope.


I am fortunate to have a Loving and Tolerant wife, who has supported my insane need for bizarre hobbies.  Amazingly, and luckily for me, she has supported my endeavors into the following off the wall projects:


  1. Underwater Fish Cam
  2. Home and Auto Sub woofers
  3. Home theater speakers
  4. 200 watt Amateur Audio Amplifier
  5. Home computer network
  6. My MCSE project
  7. Quarter Mile Drag Racer
  8. Engine Building
  9. Automatic Transmission rebuilding
  10. Auto paint and body
  11. A few others things I am embarrassed mention J



To make things a little more interesting, Binocular Telescopes really seem to fascinate me.  So I made the decision to build an 8-inch Bino-scope. 


So the saga begins, follow along with me as I progress thru this amazing pastime by following the links to the left.


Take Care,

James Lerch


Last revised: 3/12/01